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The Value of Online Play Groups Beyond the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many playgroups online, to Zoom, Roblox, FaceTime, and more. While in-person playgroups are returning, one expert is making the case for keeping some online playgroups in place even after the pandemic. Educator and literacy scholar Rebecca Horrace argues that technology is central to today’s children, so play in the digital world is a natural next step. While they couldn’t and shouldn’t replace in-person play, online play groups can offer children a chance to connect over shared interests like favorite movies. They can use these shared interests as a foundation to innovate collaborative, digital forms of play – Roblox is a popular example. Children are now digital natives, and have the ability to transition seamlessly between physical and online play where adults may not. Horrace’s recommendation encourages adults to rethink what play could mean to modern tech-savvy kids

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