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American Girl Celebrates its 35th Birthday

This year marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the American Girl company. American Girl’s extensive product line – 18-inch dolls both historical and contemporary, baby dolls, books, and even a magazine – has become a childhood staple. American Girl is best known for its 18-inch historical dolls, which are as educational as they are fun. Each robustly researched doll in the line comes with a novel that tells the story of a different period in American history, through the eyes of a girl growing up during that time. This unique approach makes learning history exciting for young girls, who can empathize with the struggles of their American Girl. But American Girl is not stuck in the past. The Girl of the Year dolls are modern characters who showcase diverse perspectives and tackle contemporary issues. American Girl’s past thirty-five years have been monumental, and its devoted fans will learn and play on as the American Girl company continues to define American girlhood.

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