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CLICS Toys is Serving Spaghetteez!

Imagine naming toys for over three decades, hundreds of styles, multiple brands and the words just roll off your tongue. Then one day, your new creation sits there, and the words don’t come. Finally, your team decides upon a dinner together. Italian cuisine it is. What to order? Just the right dish to support the perfect word for a product line many deem, “nothing like it in the market,” Spaghetteez was served!

Taurus Blooms LLC President, Jean Butler, recently launched the brand on QVC. “This product, when people get it in their hands, provides key elements of meaningful play.” The 3D design creations are limitless with the soft building sticks. There are seven different lengths, a variety of primary colors, and accessory pieces. Spaghetteez allow you to twist them into many configurations. “What can be created is based on your imagination. You want a yellow giraffe or a green, blue and red giraffe, you can make it. A duck with giant eagles wings, a car, boat, dinosaur, house,” added Butler. “It is therapeutic, people don’t want to put the building sticks down. They are smooth to the touch, and you can really shape them in any way you think of. It is truly an enjoyable play experience for the whole family!”

The Spaghetteez line currently consists of six sets, ranging from 35 to 160 pieces. Sets include accessory pieces which allow for connection and extension. Several of the sets have wheels which provide movement of creations. In addition, Spaghetteez has received accreditation after meeting all of the requisite standards. READ MORE...

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