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Thankful for 25 Years of Success with Bop It!, Inventor Dan Klitsner Generously Donates to The Light

For Bop It! Inventor Dan Klitsner and his wife Alicia this Thanksgiving holds special meaning. Not only are they celebrating the 25th anniversary of Bop It!, they are also celebrating the launch of Bop It For Good, a new initiative to give back.

“25 years later, I’m still in a bit of shock about how Bop It! and subsequent sequels continue to be so popular,” says Dan. “Giving back has always been important to us, but we wanted to do it in a more meaningful way in gratitude for all of the success, and that’s why we created Bop It For Good.”

At the center of Bop It For Good is Dan’s latest invention, the Bop It Button, which he developed independently over the last year with Super Impulse and Longshore. He calls this game the most challenging, most addictive and most devious Bop It he’s ever created. The Bop It Button is just one button, and like all Bop Its, you just do what it says. Easy, right? Well, don’t be fooled. The Bop It Button includes a variety of intentionally confusing options such as “Bop It,” “Don’t Bop It,” “Do Bop It” and “Do Not Bop It” spoken lightning fast and in multiple voices that are a confluence of Bop It voices from the past. Focus long enough, you just might make it through all 25 levels and unlock all of the hidden audio clips, and get a personal message from the inventor himself. But, upholding true Bop It tradition, if you mess up, be ready for a little sarcastic name-calling. READ MORE...

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